Side-shoot bucket "Finliner"

Art-No.   54368-54865

The smart solution for wheel loader / telescopic loader for road shoulder maintenance available in two sizes 1,0 m³ and 1,4 m³.

The economical alternative to the traditionally used huge machinery.

Side-shoot bucket "Finliner"

With the "Finliner" it is very easy to distribute material via a conveyor perfectly dosed. The bucket is emptied laterally via a conveyor belt, the amount of material is precisely metered by the speed of the conveyor belt and the loader. The material drops directly in front of the screed blade and will be installed on the proper height. The screed blade is adjustable in height and inclination.

New:The mounted screed blade for the 1.4 m³ bucket can be folded up easily for driving to the job site. This reduces the overall width of the attachment and therefore it remains roadworthy.

This side-shoot bucket is filled either like a conventional bucket (only applies to the 1.0 m³ version) or directly from the truck or by a second wheel loader.

The bucket is an attachment for wheel loaders (1.4 m³ bucket also for Unimog) and is mounted by using the matching quick-change coupling.

The 1.4 m³ Side-shoot bucket is mainly used for road shoulder maintenance. The economical alternative to the traditionally used huge machinery.

The self-loading 1.0 m³ Side-shoot bucket is not only used for road shoulder maintenance, but is also very efficient for material-distribution work for foundations for kerbs/gutter stones, for backfilling of ditches and canals in line-construction and filling of e.g. container, sacks etc., etc. a hidden champion, mulit-talented.

Existing clients from different fields use it for:

Road construction:
Line construction:
Sports field construction:
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Special option:

Also available with left ejection for mounting on telescopic loaders.

Supporting wheels (only for 1.4 m³ bucket): 4 pieces "Elastic-solid rubber heavy duty wheels"
Capacity: 1.0: filled to the edge 0,8 m³ - heaped 1,0 m³ / 1.4: fill to the edge 1,1 m³ - heaped 1,4 m³
Height front edge: 850 mm
Filling width: 2,6 m (8,5 ft)
Length: Conveyor belt: 2,50 m (8,2 ft)
Weight: from 690 kg (1,521 lbs)
Scope of application: Road shoulder maintenance, Material distribution, Edging/Haunching
Type of product: Attachments